Case Study | Rich Snippets

When conducting a search, people are inundated with possible answers, possible results. When competing with a million other pages, its important to try and convert those impressions into clicks for our client's site. In addition to great meta descriptions and explanatory urls, we ensure Google knows about their rich snippets - key for a successful eCommerce website.

Metrics matter more in eCommerce sites than any other. When your sales funnel analysis tells you how much difference a 1% increase in traffic can make, then you understand the value of incremental changes.

Toby Squires, Director

The actual development changes to create structured data for Google were straightforward. Some people use the Google Structured Data Markup Helper, whereas we opted to markup elements of our core database. All in it was a couple of hours work, then another hour to improve the initial results.

Peter Hall, Director

The results were fantastic. Agencies need to deliver value to clients every step of the way which means being efficient in our time for maximum results. The thought that 3 hours work added nearly 40,000 visitors to the site is a perfect example of that value.

CEO, Client

Of 450 phrases we monitored, with a rank between 1 and 30:

  • - Average rank increased from 4.24 to 3.93
  • - Impressions (market demand) were actually down 4.99%
  • - Clicks increased 2.53%
  • - Click Through Rate increased 2.6%

Whilst 2.6% might not sound a lot, this is a website with over 1.5 million visits per year. So our work increased traffic by 39,000 - all for just a couple of hours work.

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