Case Study | Regaining lost Google rankings quickly

When websites are hit by the ever-changing Google algorithm updates, and create unexplained drops in traffic, our job is to move fast to learn why and correct the situation.

First we go digging deep for answers - in this case it was the move towards mobile first indexing - and then we call on our SEO and UX expertise to make the difference. When the pressure is on and it really matters, we pull together with you the client, to get things back on track.


The client raised concerns after the sales seem to drop off severely after a major Google algorithm update. It was important that we took decisive action to correct this, and so we considered all possibilities, before making changes in a number of areas.

Peter Hall, Director

When we spotted a major decline in traffic and sales, we realised something had happened to key search positions. We took action in a number of areas. I made some keyword-focussed SEO changes, optimizing meta titles, descriptions, and the text itself on key pages. The team also performed a series of other key design and development changes to drive further sales from the existing traffic.

Our collective efforts, made in collaboration with the client, paid off. Sales have more than recovered, with a significant increase of nearly 50% from their lowest point - that’s an extra £20k per week in revenue. The client is more than happy with our efforts.

Toby Squires, Director

I noticed that the narrow site wrapper made the website seem outdated. The mobile site UI was in clear need of some modernisation, as it was made up of text-only navigation buttons, which were functional, but not necessarily compelling.

We updated all of this. Some of this was down to small changes to the CSS took a few hours to do. We also added a powerful design snippet highlighting delivery on product pages, as our research showed this was a key USP for our client’s potential customers. It all seemed to really make a difference, boosting time on site on both platforms. And, ultimately, sales. Improving the usability of the mobile site increased dwell time and also the average order value by 3.2% (Paypal orders went up 26.19%).

Mark, Designer

Reaction is the key here - recognising and dealing with what has happened, then pulling a strategy together to rectify the situation.

We value support above all else - our current clients mean more to us than winning new business or awards. The Perpetual10 team is focussed on results and helping our clients grow, so pooling ideas and strategies in this moment of need was important to us.

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