Case Study | Mobile Checkout Optimisation

Crunching data can provide the greatest insights into a business and how they can improve. And we love crunching data. Digging deep into analytics, researching competitive user experiences, collaborating towards a finer result.

Mobile usage has overtaken desktop for the majority of leading ecommerce websites. People respond to emails and make snap decisions to browse online by turning to their iPhone or Android whilst on the move, or sat on the sofa. These shoppers have become the number one demographic to pay attention to.

Toby Squires, Director

From our CRO workshop, it was deemed necessary to reformat the basket and checkout UI in order to optimise usability and improve the quality of the customer journey on mobile devices. There were too many screens to navigate through, too many page reloads and forms to submit. We cut the user flow journey by 33% whilst improving the design and layout.

Mark, Designer

Optimisation is often about small percentages - a 2% improvement can make an incredible difference to the bottom line of a client. This mobile checkout optimisation work actually resulted in a 5.6% decrease in abandoned baskets, and an uplift in sales.

Peter Hall, Director

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