Case Study | Connecting retail ePOS to digital channels using Shopit

The modern retailer often has a High Street or retail park store and an online presence. Even Amazon understands the human shopping instinct to touch and feel items before purchase, and bridging that online distance selling gap often means opening up a physical store.

In this data driven world, connectivity between the two is vital for business - knowing when your online customers pop into the shop to complete the purchase, allowing click and collect (and upsell) services, and providing better customer services - are all integral strategies for leading retailers.


Our online business has grown steadily over the last 6 years with the help of several key staff and the team at Perpetual10. The next challenge in our exciting roadmap is to open a retail store and improve the hands on experience of our products, whilst also offering warehousing capabilities. Thankfully the Shopit platform supports such innovation. Thankfully the Shopit platform supports such innovation.

Managing Director, Client *

There is nothing more exciting in business than growth and all of the innovative ideas that come with it. To see one of our key clients take this aggressive step forward is rewarding. The client was already making use of Shopit to support multiple front end websites and marketplaces, and we knew it could also support any app or epos too. The motive of connecting customers to the products

Peter Hall, Director

As the business world moves towards a world of 'Single Customer View' and 'Centralised Stock Management', its important that your infrastructure can easily underpin this change. An eCommerce platform like Shopit and with ambitious and driven clients like this, makes the digital retail world an exciting place to be.

* We cannot yet name this client due to competitive advantage.

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