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19th January 2015

Following our recent blog post about VAT changes on digital products to Europe, we are really happy to present a free downloadable guide from VAT experts Revell Ward to give you the clear information you need to stay legal.

Selling digital goods to the EU

The introduction of new VAT laws in this VATMOSS (mini one stop shop) accounting process means that if you sell any form of digital goods to customers in EU member states then you need to charge VAT at the local prevailing rate. Before, you would charge everything at the UK rate, but that is not the case anymore. Naturally it could mean a great deal more administration for you – or the alternative of fewer European customers if you choose to avoid it altogether.

Making VATMOSS admin easier

Not all ecommerce systems are ready for this change. If you are struggling to account for all these different rates when charging customers, or you fear the paperwork nightmare then we can help. Our Shopit platform can easily apply a unique local VAT rate based on the customers billing address, and also provide detailed reports for the VAT man.

VATMOSS Partners

Revell Ward are experts in the field of VAT and in the free PDF download below Rhona Graham gives you a detailed guide to why VATMOSS matters and what you need to do to comply.

VATMoss Regulations

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