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19th August 2017

As a leading digital ecommerce agency, Project Octo is committed to innovation and excellence in the delivery of solutions to our clients. Whether it’s retail or B2B customers that you are targeting, our access to a highly versatile, scalable platform gives us a cutting edge on our competitors who favour basic off-the-shelf solutions.

Shopit is an ecommerce platform which has evolved over several years to become a reliable, powerful, and adaptable platform of choice for many of our clients. We have become experts in developing and implementing this open source, PHP based ecommerce software.

Why Does Project Octo Use Shopit?

Director Ketan Mistry first began working for a retail client over a decade ago, when they asked for a simple ecommerce platform that would allow them to sell their products online. He initially developed a simple piece of software that was user-friendly and reliable, allowing his client to add products to a database and promote them online, with a payment gateway to take payments. It worked perfectly, and so his client was delighted.

Shopit is a reliable, flexible and user friendly ecommerce platform

Since those early days, a team of developers has contributed to augmenting and refining the platform adding a wide range of functionality, some of which are more often seen in the more technically advanced ERP solutions rather than ecommerce software.

Many of our clients have come to base their entire business on Shopit, and have grown their sales through its power and versatility. Organisations like Ability Superstore, Addaca and HealthyStep have gone from being smaller businesses to multimillion pound, medium sized online retailers because this powerhouse platform has given them the space to grow, and effectively find and convert customers.

Why Should You Choose Shopit?

Shopit ecommerceHaving developed sites for clients on major platforms such as Magento and Shopify, we’ve come to the conclusion that Shopit eCommerce platform is the best way we can serve our clients.

Now in it’s fourth version, it is a feature-rich system that includes stock management, allows multiple front end sites, marketplaces and sales channels to be managed from the same back end database and is hosted on the super-fast Google Cloud Platform.

Add in powerful reporting mechanisms, CMS functionality for creating pages and marketing snippets, and highly versatile OpenAPI functionality for connecting to your favourite apps and third party software, and you have a behemoth capable of taking your company to the next level.

Shopit is a Scalable eCommerce System

The benefit of all this functionality is that you have something which is vastly scalable, allowing you to add as many products as you want. You can create a raft of different brands, all with different product descriptions, in different languages, and with different content, so that you can capture different audiences to sell into.

Our clients can dominate their market digitally via every conceivable online avenue, while having seamless control of your stock and finances, all from the same screen. It’s perfect, for example, if you’re a medium sized business with a big vision for the future, and want a system that can match your ambitions.

Pay as you Grow pricing enables growth

Where Shopit is unique in the marketplace is its Pay as you Grow pricing model. Whereas Shopify and BigCommerce will bill you a fixed rate every month irrespective of how well your site is performing, Shopit’s variable billing model means that you pay nothing for those ‘dead’ hours over night. You simply pay for what you use, meaning you can allocate budget elsewhere.

Yet this doesn’t ever compromise speed and functionality – if a promotional campaign does suddenly go mad, the Google Cloud hosting autoscales your server capacity to handle this sudden change, meaning you don’t risk outages like on fixed hosting packages.

Do you want to learn more about how Project Octo can develop an ecommerce site for you business, on the Shopit platform? Get in touch today.

Adam Pritchard

Founder of this agency and Shopit, Adam has nearly 20 years of digital experience, from the days of getting 3M and Pioneer UK web-friendly, to leading project teams on development and marketing projects for the likes of Tesco, Royal College of Nursing and National Tyres. Secretary of junior football club Winton Wanderers, most of the weekend is spent coaching kids, or reading the Sunday papers with coffee and cake.