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1st August 2017

Does your business require email marketing? Any multichannel digital offering should cover this, one of the oldest, but still most reliable and effective forms of online marketing.

Why Use Email Marketing?

Today, email remains incredibly popular. It is estimated that 82% of B2C, and B2B companies use email (Source). There are many good reasons for this – it has been calculated that email has a return on investment of 3800% (DMA), making it a highly cost-effective method of reaching customers.

Emails have changed over the years, from simple text-based messages, to rich, colourful and image laden entities which can surprise and delight customers, increasing loyalty, brand awareness and trust.

email is a key digital channel

They can take a variety of forms, to speak to different consumer and business needs, and given the granular, measurable nature of the medium, their effectiveness can be carefully measured and optimised.

For example, even simple, functional transactional emails, which inform customers of what they have purchased, can be transformed into a branding opportunity, driving engagement to social channels and blog content.

Our Approach: What Makes A Great Email Campaign?

We take a holistic approach to email marketing, looking for opportunities to add value and make campaigns better – reviewing send times, subject messages, and making proper use of segmentation to focus relevant audiences can all make a difference to the final result. And our constant review of these ensures we continuously learn and strive to improve our outcomes.

Compelling use of images, thoughtful use of copy and calls to action, and design that is on-brand and beautiful, are all hallmarks of what we deliver with each campaign.

Our output varies from newsletter style emails combining product listings and content, to sales focussed emails carefully segmented, targeted, and designed to target conversions at key points in the annual ecommerce sales cycle and customer journey.

Some customers aren’t ready to buy, and need more general information – that’s where sending them our rich, consumer friendly blog content can help them weigh up the key issues in their purchase. Others are ready, and simply need that push during traditional sales seasons from a targeted sales message. Making the best use of customer data via leveraging a CRM is key to the process.

By optimising transactional and basket abandon emails with rich design and clever calls to action, we are able to make the most of each customer interaction.

Sell More Stuff

In the words of major email platform Mailchimp, we want to help you to sell more stuff. Our open rates typically exceed 40% against a background where industry averages typically vary from 20% to 25% (Source). One particular SME client regularly enjoys a return of £2,000 to £3,000 on each email campaign we send for them.

If your business requires digital marketing services, we can provide everything from consultancy and initial advice to template design, copywriting and automation / CRM integration. Get in touch today.

Adam Pritchard

Founder of this agency and Shopit, Adam has nearly 20 years of digital experience, from the days of getting 3M and Pioneer UK web-friendly, to leading project teams on development and marketing projects for the likes of Tesco, Royal College of Nursing and National Tyres. Secretary of junior football club Winton Wanderers, most of the weekend is spent coaching kids, or reading the Sunday papers with coffee and cake.

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