Blog | WHITE PAPER: Avoiding Payment Fraud Online

6th March 2017

In the first of a series of helpful white papers, we look at how ecommerce businesses can begin avoiding payment fraud online.

There are a number of ways a fraudster can target you – from

  • using a stolen credit card to illegally gain goods, to
  • hacking your shopping cart to pay nothing for a big order, to
  • researching whether a customer is genuine

We have covered items from the technical build of your website, to your order handling processes, to simply becoming rightfully suspicious – and why its ok to protect yourself in a world driven by customers.

You can download your free guide to Avoiding Payment Fraud Online here

Avoiding Payment Fraud Online

Adam Pritchard

Founder of this agency and Shopit, Adam has nearly 20 years of digital experience, from the days of getting 3M and Pioneer UK web-friendly, to leading project teams on development and marketing projects for the likes of Tesco, Royal College of Nursing and National Tyres. Secretary of junior football club Winton Wanderers, most of the weekend is spent coaching kids, or reading the Sunday papers with coffee and cake.